Spanish Recipes

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  • Spanish Dishes
    • Gazpzcho.
    • Clam, chorizo and white bean stew.
    • Chicken and Chorizo rice pot.
    • Pan-fried hake, white bean and chorizo broth.
    • Spanish Fig and Almond balls.
    • Spanish sardines on toast.
    • Chorizo, potato and cheese omelette.
    • Spiced Tortilla.
    • Spanish chicken
    • Chorizo and soft-boiled egg salad.
    • Prawns with Romesco sauce
    • Patatas bravas
    • Spanish tomato bread with jamon Serrano
    • Chorizo and chickpea soup
    • Chickpea, chorizo and spinach stew.
    • Crispy squid with capers.
    • Spanish Spaghetti
    • Spanish rice
    • Garlicky prawns.
    • Spanish beans with chicken and chorizo.
    • Spanish meatballs with clams, chorizo and squid.
    • Chorizo and tomato salad.
    • Chicken with saffron, raisins and pine nuts.
    • Crema Catalana.
    • Spanish Rabbit stew.
    • Baked paprika cheese.


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