Space and Spectrometry

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  • Space & Spectrometry
    • A Spectrometer is a tool used to analyse the light given out by stars and galaxies
      • The telescope directs a beam of light into the spectrometer and through a slit.
        • This diffracts the light and splits it up into a spectrum - like a prism.
      • Can make a simple spectrometer using a CD.
    • The light spectra from stars and galaxies contain dark lines
      • The dark lines are caused by the light at those wavelengths being absorbed
        • These patterns of dark lines are called ABSORPTION SPECTRA
          • Used to work out what the stars and galaxies are made of.
            • Eg the Ab Spectra seen when looking at light from the sun is very similar to light from a hydrogen lamp - Sun is mostly made from hydrogen.
      • Some spectra have bright lines - called emission spectra
        • Caused by extra light being emitted at those wavelengths


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