Marshall Aid and the Soviet Response

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  • The Marshall Plan, Cominform, the Zhdanov Doctrine and Comecon
    • Cominform (Communist Information Bureau)
      • Set up in 1947 by Zhdanov
      • Aimed to coordinate European communist parties
      • Controlled by Moscow. Highly anti-American
    • Comecon (Communist Economy)
      • Established in 1949
      • Controlled by the USSR
      • Aimed to coordinate the economies of communist countries
      • Stalinist state-controlled economies imposed in Eastern Europe
      • The aid given was two-way
    • The Marshall Plan
      • Formulated by George Marshall in 1947
      • The 'other half' of the Truman Doctrine
      • Aimed to rebuild the European economy
      • Offered to European countries with conditions
        • The USA received the recipients economic information
        • The USA became one of the recipients trading partners
      • Sixteen countries accepted the aid
      • The USSR was offered Marshall Aid at face value
      • Marshall Aid was the catalyst for the Czechoslovakian Crisis
    • The Zhdanov Doctrine
      • Zhdanov was a hardline Stalinist
      • He believed in the European division
      • Stated that the West was becoming economically dependent on the USA
      • Accused the USA of purposefully creating an anti-Soviet sphere of influence


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