Soviet control in Hungary

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  • Soviet control in Hungary
    • After Stalin died, Soviet leader Khrushchev indicated relaxation of Soviet control
      • When Hungary started to move away from Soviet influence, Soviet control was tightened for fear that Hungary left the Warsaw Pact, other countries would follow
    • Impact of Soviet rule
      • Hungary suffered a lot under Stalin's control
      • Food and industrial products were shipped off to Russia
      • Any opposition in Hungary was ruthlessly wiped out
      • Matyas Rakosi was a brutal ruler, called himself 'Stalin's best pupil' but was known as the 'Bald Butcher'
      • Communist rule became very unpopular
    • Destalinisation
      • In Khrushchev's 1965 'secret speech', he hinted Soviet control would relax
      • Oct 1956 - poor harvests and bread shortages meant Hungarians started demonstrating against communist control (Stalin statues pulled down and local communists attacked).
      • Khrushchev appointed a more liberal leader as prime minister (Imre Nagy) in the hope the situation would calm down
    • Nagy as prime minister (his reforms)
      • Leave the Warsaw Pact and become a neutral country
      • Hold free elections leading to no more communist government
      • UN protection from the Soviet Union


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