Southwold Coastal Management

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  • Southwold
    • Southwold is an urban area with a lot of buildings and large tourism industry so the land values are high
      • This means in a cost benefit ratio it is likely to be positive as the land is worth a lot
    • There is a pier on both sides there is a curved sea wall,
    • South side has new wooden groynes and the North side has rock armoured groynes
      • There was beach replenishment done on the beach at the same time the new groynes where put in at 2006.
    • Problems?
      • Soft easily eroded cliffs - 2 million years old
      • Cliffs have a high clay content. - Norwich Crag
        • clay absorbs water which is then retained in the cliffs making the cliff heavier therefore weakening it.
      • Therefore because of the bad beach material and the beach is narrow
        • long shore drift it is swept southwards along the beach. The cliffs have a high content of clay
      • The beaches at Southwold are very narrow and very flat therefore it does not even prevent the waves reaching the cliffs at high tide causing a lot of erosion of the cliffs.
      • winter more erosion happens due to winter storms
      • Low lying areas - so need coastal defence systems
      • see level rising approx 2mm a year


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