Southampton Water Pressures

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  • Southampton Water
    • Sheltered from storms in the English Channel
    • Deep water channels for large ships.
    • Broad area of flat land for development.
    • Growth of employment has led to the expansion of suburbs and villages.
    • Developers face problems building along the shore or New Forest.
    • Oil refining at Fawley in a large area of salt marsh.
      • 3000 employees.
      • Location is convenient for tankers from Europe.
      • Environmental Impacts
        • Salt marsh (SSSI) has reduced in size.
          • Cleaning salt marsh from oil spills causes more damage than it would to be left alone.
        • Thermal pollution.
          • Temperature reaching 30C encouraging invasion species e.g. tropical fish
            • Upsetting food chains.
        • Metal pollution emitted.
    • Large container port.
    • Sewage disposal problems due to new housing development.
      • Population increases, so does the sewage.


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