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  • South Africa
    • Disparities in South Africa
      • The condition or fact of unfairly being treated as different
      • wealthiest country in Africa
        • due to largest reserves of gold and diamonds
      • major inequalities  along racial lines
        • 20% of blacks aged 20 and above had gone to higher education
          • while 70% of whites had
        • whites had a higher standard of living
          • 99% of whites had a flushing or chemical toilet while only 41% of blacks did
            • increase spread of infection
              • reduce work productivity and life expectancy
          • creates conflict
            • ranked 116 globally on the peace index
            • also influenced by access to weapons
    • Apartheid
      • Afrikaans word meaning 'segregation'
        • political and legal system in south Africa between 1948- 1994
          • to separate whites and blacks
      • separate healthcare system
        • European hospital had excellent doctors
        • white doctors didn't have to work in black peoples hospital
          • poor healthcare for blacks
      • separate beaches
      • 8:1 black to white
        • but white believed they were the master of Africa
      • if blacks disobeyed they would be imprisoned, fined or whipped
      • blacks were only thought to be good for a cleaner, brick layer or on a farm
        • only received education suitable for this
      • law that blacks should get a lower wage than a white person
      • refused the right to strike
      • no mix race sexual relations
      • june 16 black children had a peaceful protest
        • government ordered the shooting of 1000s of innocent children
    • current inequalities
      • regional inequality
        • goldfields around Johannesburg
        • limpopo
          • subsistence farmers
          • remittances
      • ethnic inequalities
        • overall whites come from wealthy backgrounds
        • overall blacks come from poorer backgrounds
        • positive discrimination to increase employability of blacks
        • resentment from whites as poverty of whites has increased
      • crime and personal safety
        • 5 times more murders tan in the UK
        • twice as easy to get hold of for weapons
        • blacks in poverty turn to crime to survive
          • creates negative image of blacks


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