Sources on Wolsey

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  • Sources on Wolsey
    • Elton
      • Knows how to Satisfy the King
      • Knew  how to promote himself
      • "Wolsey had tried to do the impossible, to rule as King when he wasn't king".
      • thought he had  a good relationship with the King
      • highly professional job in a very amateur manner
      • weakness lay in the realm of finance
    • Gwyn
      • Wolsey's workload was staggering
      • It supports the same view as Elton
      • Wolsey was turned into a "Strutting Peacock"
        • Devoted only to self glorification and self indulgence.
      • Gwyn thought it wasn't all only to benefit himself
      • Believed that the King worked diligently and as a loyal servant.
      • Believed that he didn't go out of this way to antagonise nobles nor  ruthlessly monopolise power
    • Polydore Vergil
      • no arrogance  just ambitious
      • detested by everyone
      • he was an opportunist
      • not  puffed by power
    • Venetian  Ambassador in 1515
      • extremely just
      • He favours the people exceedingly and especially the poor
      • tried  to  take as many jobs as possible


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