Sources of the UK constitution

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  • Sources of the UK constitution
    • Statute Law
      • It is created by parliament
        • The Parliament Act (1911)
          • Established the HoC as the dominant chamber
      • Have to be approved by the HoC, HoL and the monarch
      • Implemented by the executive and enforced by the courts
      • Not all acts are of constitutional significance
        • Legislation on funding for schools
    • Common Law
      • Includes the legal principles that have been developed and applied by UK courts
      • Courts interpret the law where there is no clear statute law
        • The rights of homeowners to tackle intruders who enter their property
    • Conventions
      • Rules or norms that are considered binding
      • Not codified or enforced by courts
        • The monarch must assent to Acts of Parliament
    • Authoritative Works
      • Established legal and political texts
      • They have no legal authority but do have a 'persuasive authority'
        • Erskine May's Treatise on the Law, Privileges, Proceedings and Usage of Parliament
    • European Union Law
      • The treaties establishing the EU, legislation emanting from the EU and judgments of the European Court of Justice


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