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  • Sources of the UK Constitution
    • Traditions
      • Procedures and rules of Parliament
      • For example- when, voitng MPs saying aye or no
      • Or the Speaker being dragged to his chair
    • Common law
      • Legal principles
      • Etablished by courts
      • Decides on things like the royal prerogative (powers of the monchary)
      • Judges have the right to say what is law in absence of authority
    • Conventions
      • Unwritten laws that guide Parliament behaviour
      • E.g Private cabinet discussions
      • Or the PM always being chosen from the Commons
    • Statues
      • Acts of Parliament
      • E.g Act of Settlement 1701- Etablishing succession to the throne
      • Scotland 1998- Setting up Scottish Parliament
    • EU Law
      • 1973- Britain accepted the EU as constitutional body
      • Primary laws-treaties
        • E.g Rome Treaty 1958- set up EU Law
      • Factorome- Courts overruling legislation which conflicts with EU Law
      • Secondary directives- EU directives which are EU Law


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