sources of the UK constitution

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  • Sources of UK constitution
    • Statute Law
      • -All legislation created by parliament
      • Not all laws are considered considered constitutional
      • Most important source due to principle of parliamentary sovereignity
      • An example of this is the 1918 Representation of the People Act which allowed all men and some women to vote
    • Common Law
      • Common law is made up of customs and judicial precedent. Royal Prerogative is common law
    • Conventions
      • These are customs and practices that are accepted as the best way to do things
      • An example of this is that the prime minister is the leader of the biggest party in the UK
      • These can be removed or made permanent by statute law
      • The 2011 Fixed Term Parliaments Act put into statute law the convention that Government should resign if defeated in vote of confidence
    • Authoritative works
      • Written guides of the workings of the constitution. Widely respected though not legally binding.
    • Treaties
      • These are agreements signed by other countries. Britain negotiating treaty to leave the EU (current)


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