Sources of support and Relationships

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  • Sources of support and Relationships
    • Informal support
      • Friends and family
        • Parent gives child advice
        • Friends give emotional support
        • Neighbours give practical support
    • Relationships
      • Family
        • Parent
        • Child
        • Siblings
      • Friendship
        • Peers
      • Intimate and sexual
        • Partners
        • Boyfriend / girlfriend
      • Working
        • Teacher and student
        • GP and patient
        • Employer and employee
        • Colleagues
    • Voluntary and faith based services
      • Citizens advice Bureau
        • Advice about money, legal issues and housing
      • Relate
        • Helps couples with relationships
      • Age concern
        • Practical help for the elderly
      • Samaritins
        • provides over the phone help for people wanting to commit suicide
      • Childline
        • Helpline for children at risk of abuse, self-harm and bullying
    • Professional carers and services
      • GP
        • Diagnose and treat illnesses
      • Occupational therapist
        • Advise disabled people on aids and adaptations for their homes
      • Physiotherapist
        • Provide exercise for people after injury or with painful joints
      • Community nurse
        • Visit people in their homes to give advice and treatment
      • Social worker
        • Carry out needs assessments for people needing help to cope or at risk
      • Home care assistant
        • Help people in residential homes
      • Health care assistant
        • Provide personal care for hospital patients


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