Cold War - Growing tensions between the West and the USSR 1941-43

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  • Sources of growing tension between the West and the USSR (1941 - WW2)
    • Ideological differences
      • Capitalism vs Communism
        • Fear of Bolshevism spreading throughout Europe
        • Inherent conflicts in societal functions
          • Different ideas of how a society evolves
        • Communism doesn't believe that God rules society, capitalism does
          • Created an anti-Communism approach through the Church
            • Pope John Paul II of Poland's election enforced this belief in anti-Communist Poland.
        • Proletariat vs Bourgeoisie & Democracy
    • Post-WW2 Aims
      • USSR
        • Security
          • Had been invaded by Germany through Poland multiple times in the past
        • Reparations
          • Russia wanted Germany to pay them reparations because of the damage caused by the war
            • May 1945 - Est. 25 million causalities from war-related incidents
        • Territory
          • Russia wanted to keep a section of annexed Poland to act as a buffer zone against any potential German attack.
            • Compensated the land by offering German territories beyond the River Oder
          • Re-integrate: Estonia, Latvia, and Lituania into the USSR
          • Wished to re-claim lost territory in Finland
          • 1944
            • Areas under direct Soviet control: Poland, Romania, Bulgaria etc
              • 'Intermediate Zone': Neither capitalist nor communist --> Yugoslavia, Austria, Hungary etc
                • non-Communist Western Europe: Including Greece


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