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  • Source questions
    • The sources should drive your answer but additional material should be introduced to develop, challenge or supplement
    • Weigh up the sources and reach an overall judgement
    • Planning and thinking is a very important part and you should take around 15-20 minutes
    • 16 marks are for own knowledge and 24 for the ability to assess and evaluate interpretations at A2 (opposite at AS)
    • Examiner tips
      • Candidates need to integrate source material and own knowledge more effectively to substantiate a particular view
      • Treat the sources as a package to facilitate cross-referencing and advance a convincing line of argument
        • Avoid a source 10 says this.. source 11 says this.. approach as it will limit you to a D
      • Candidates need to avoid memorised 'perspective' essays and base their response on the issued raised - the question is an interpretation not a historiography
      • Candidates should not provide extensive and unnecessary accounts of the provenance of each source
      • When planning your answer, read through the sources carefully and list all the support and challenge points you can to help you cross-reference
    • Sentences to use
      • The sources suggest...
      • There is strong support for___ and sources 5 and 6 show this..
      • Source 7 backs this up...
      • Similarly source 2 indicates...
      • Source 3 claims in contrast that...
      • This support was not universal, source 4 shows that...
      • I agree to a significant extent with source 1 because...
      • Overall, I do not think it is fair to say...
      • Source 8 may be exaggerated due to...
    • Use the words posed in the question to give an analytical approach
    • The best essays are based on careful plans


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