Source skills

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  • Source skills
    • Content
      • What information can you get directly from the source and its caption?
    • Bias
      • Biased, unreliable sources can still be useful
    • Language
      • In written sources, the language used should give clues about the reliability and whether the source is biased
      • Use quotes
      • It can also help to identify the purpose of the source
    • Selection
      • What has been included or left out?
      • Why?
    • Purpose
      • Why was the source created?
    • Origins
      • The caption should say who produced the source and when
        • Emotional attachment (primary source): The person lived through the event so their emotions and opinions interfere with what they write
        • Critical detachment (secondary source): The person didn't live through the events so feeling and emotions do not interfere with what they write. they are able to have hindsight on the situation
    • Nature
      • What type of source is it?
        • Diary entry?
        • Newspaper article?
        • Cartoon?


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