Sound waves

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  • Sound Waves
    • Longitudinal waves
      • Caused by vibrating objects
      • Vibrations are passed through the medium in a series of compressions
    • We hear them when...
      • They reach our inner ear
      • When they reach the eardrum we may hear them
    • Caused by vibrating particles
      • The denser the medium, the faster sound travels through it
      • Sound travels faster in solids than liquids
      • Can't travel in space because space is a vacuum
        • There are no particles
    • Reflected by hard flat surfaces
      • Echoes are reflected sound waves
      • Delay between original sound and echoes because echoed sound waves have to travel further
        • Take longer to reach your ears
    • Can refract
      • Change direction as they enter different medium
      • When they enter denser medium they speed up
    • Frequency effects pitch
      • Higher the frequency, the higher the pitch and vise versa
      • Frequency is the number of complete vibrations each secons
      • High frequency means shorter wavelength


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