Mise En Scene - Sound

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  • Sound and Music
    • Types
      • Non-Diegetic
        • Music, voice overs, sounds etc
        • Obviously added noise
      • Diegetic
        • Sound naturally in the frame (traffic, footsteps, dialogue)
        • May be exaggerated in the sound effects department to heighten effect
    • Mood and Meaning
      • Sudden loud = Dramatic/Pay Attention!
      • Silence or spooky music = suspense. Silence can unnerve audience if used to conventional background music. Can suggest realism in naturalistic drama, or tension in thrillers.
      • Loud sounds make us jump = scary
      • Peaceful music reassures - could be false sense of security though!
      • Sad music triggers sympathy and emotional response
    • Period/Genre
      • Consolidates setting. Western, War, Horror, Romance etc
    • Instruments
      • Brass for harshness or war connotations. Strings for emotion. Drums for tension
    • Pace
      • Accerlaters during chase
      • Louder to underscore dramatically important action
    • Contrapuntal
      • Contrasting music to what is happening. Confuses and disorientates the audience
    • Sound Editing
      • Sound bridge adds continuity. Can show same mood if music still the same? Also show cahnge in mood. Can show the link between two scenes.


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