Sonnet 116 (Relationships)

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  • Sonnet 116
    • Feelings and Attitudes
      • Devotion; The voice in the poem declares love doesn't change
      • Constancy; He see's love as fixed - something which won't change even when the object of his love changes
      • True love; Its not a shallow superficial love which it is based on what the loved one looks like
    • Whats the poem about?
      • How constant  true love is and how it doesn't change, even as people get older
      • If it is true love them it doesn't change no matter what as its powerful
      • He says if he is wrong then he has never wrote and no man has ever been in love- meaning its true
    • Form?
      • Regular rhyme scheme gives a sense of order and the feeling of being complete
      • Sonnet - used to write about love
    • Language about sailing?
      • True love is shown to be reliable- it guides us in an uncertain and stormy world
    • Language about time and ageing
      • When we get older we look different, perhaps not attractive but true love isn't tricked by the effects of time - it remains the same, it has no end


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