Poetry- Sonnet 43

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  • Sonnet 43
    • Structure
      • 14 lines- sonnet
        • this suggests true love, however it does not fit all forms of a sonnet, therefore it suggests that this is a real love, one she has experienced, it's not always perfect, there are arguments and low points but they still love each other throughout it all.
      • Enjambment
        • This could suggest the fact that their love is continuous and eternal
        • Could also suggest the roller-coaster of their love, the fact that it continues with low and high points
    • "depth" "breadth" internal rhyme
      • this suggests how deeply she loves him as it is so deep into the text.
    • Quite flexible rhyme scheme
      • This suggests the ups and downs of their relationship, and the fact that once again their love isn't perfect, it's realistic and true
    • "..."
      • This suggests breathlessness and therefore emphasizes passion.


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