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  • Sonnet 43 Quote Analysis
    • "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways."
      • Caesura. "?" questioning herself or having a private conversation.
        • Rhetorical question, sincere and confident tone
        • Could have a sarcastic tone.
          • Could link to her family disowning her
      • "Ways" plural, many things she likes about Robert
      • "I love thee" Anaphora.
        • Showing her love for him and how she puts him before herself
          • Links to her choosing to be with Robert rather than her family.
          • Shows the reader that she loves him in more ways than one. Reflecting the strong relationship they have
        • Repetition. Confidence. Devotion. Comitement
    • " I love thee to the depth, breadth and height"
      • fricative sounds "th"
        • Creates a soft tone.
      • triplet
        • loves everything about him
      • Theme of love
      • Links to meaning of the poem, her insight thoughts on Robert
        • Wrote the poem before her marriage
        • Lets the reader connect with Elizabeth as she is speaking her mind
      • Shows the vast expanse of love she has for him.
        • Can show her comitement and certainty of marrying Robert
      • She is counting the ways, linking to the first line
    • " I love thee with the love I seemed to lose"
      • Filling the gap she had lost with Robert
      • Links to context.
        • Love she is losing is her family.
      • Loves him more now that she has been disowned
        • Could link to line 7 "I love thee freely"
          • Now she is free to love him
      • Sad tone. Makes the reader sympathetic towards her and how she had to choose between family or Robert
    • "I shall love thee better after death"
      • Context. Links to her lifelong illness
      • She will carry on loving Robert even when she passes away.
        • Could show eternal love. She will never stop loving him
          • Shows the reader much she loves and adores him
          • Her being religious? Afterlife?
          • Last line. This emphasises how much she loves him and she will never stop
          • Full Stop also reflects her certainty


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