Sonnet 43 - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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  • Sonnet 43
    • Context (AO3)
      • the poem is addressed to her husband, Robert Browning
      • browning suffered from a lifelong illness, ultimately killing her at age 55
      • she wrote the poem whilst locked away from her husband by her father, shown in the almost desperate need for her to tell him how much she loved him
    • Love
      • "I love thee with the breath/ Smiles, tears, of all my life!"
        • sounds like marriage vows, shows her love is everlasting and serious, both happy and sad
      • "I love thee with the passion"
        • shows the passionate extent of her love for him
      • Form and Structure
        • sonnet form
          • commonly associated with love
        • iambic pentameter
          • immitates the sounding of a heart beating, shows how her feelings come from the heart and how love keeps her alive
      • Love is compared to important ideas, such as "Being", "Praise" and "Grace", all of which are capitalised, showing the significance of these


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