Sonnet 116

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  • Sonnet 116 - Shakespeare
    • Shakespearean sonnet
      • written in iambic pentametre
      • rhyming couplet at end
      • verse
      • 14 lines and 3 stanzas
      • rhyming couplets - couple, relationship
    • love is... love is not...
      • Importance - repetition
    • thinks of the simple things in love rather than the huge gestures
    • attempts to define love
      • love as a concept or idea rather than between two people
    • themes of love and time
    • love is a powerful, unstoppable force of nature
      • natural imagery - "star" - "tempests"
    • if it is 'true love' it wont be changed by time or circumstance
    • Renaissance poetry
    • love is not restricted by time and place but exists above all considerations
    • metaphor of "star" - love exists everywhere in the world and is a constant - just like time
    • Shakespeare praises lovers who come together regardless of circumstance - class etc.
      • modern view
    • Synecdoche - "Barke" little thing representing a bigger whole - individual relationships are just a smaller part of LOVE


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