Sonnet 116

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  • Sonnet 116
    • "Love is not love"
      • Repetition builds up image of the love being solid.
    • "Alters when it alteration findes"
      • True love; accept one another for what they are.
      • Change is fatal - mirrors love - Ying and Yang.
    • "Lookes on tempests"
      • Extreme hyperbolic
    • "The star to every wandring barke"
      • Lighthouse - love guides ship
    • "Whose worths unknowne"
      • love's true worth is unknown as it cannot be measured.
    • "If this be error and upon me proved, I never writ, nor no man ever loved"
      • If he is wrong, real love doesn't exist.
      • Lays reputation on the line.
    • Sonnet = love. Love doesn't fall under time's rule so it doesn't have to die like people do.
    • Shakespeare drew on religious and classical allusions.
    • Always talks about stars, fate and destiny.
    • Iambic Pentameter


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