sonnet 116

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  • sonnet 116
    • Context
      • renaissance
      • metaphysical ideas
    • Form
      • sonnet
      • abab cdcd, unity between lovers
      • each quatrain has self contained rhyme =symbol of two lovers together
    • Links to Atonement
      • commitment
        • 'fixed marke'
          • always there, guide you, won't change
        • 'that looks on tempests and is never shaken'
          • tempest= strong storm, nature, over comes strong natural forces, loyalty
        • 'love alters not'
          • love never changes no matter how much time goes by- eternal
        • atonement- robbie and cecilia wait for each other
      • eternal love
        • 'love alters not'
        • basically same points as commitment
        • epilogue - briny makes them love forever
      • romantic love
        • library scene
          • make love through letters
        • naturalisticimagary
        • time doesn't affect
    • authorial methods
      • juxtaposition of semantic fields of temporal and permanent
      • naturalisticimagary
      • rhyme
      • personifying love and time


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