English Literature Poetry - Song for Last Year's Wife

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  • Song for Last Year's Wife
    • 'Song'
      • express emotions
    • 'Last Year's'
      • implies there will be another; replacement
    • 'Wife'
      • speaker is ex-husband
    • 'Alice'
      • direct address
    • 'winter'
      • season of loss/death
    • 'dressed in familiar clothes'
      • obsessive; perceptive of body
    • 'elsewhere'
      • her freedom; his loss
    • 'conscious of our anniversary'
      • hasn't moved on; self-pity; obsessive
    • 'empty'
      • lonely; something missing
    • 'I wake with another mouth feeding from me'
      • pretending to move on; sexual jealousy; paracitic
    • 'Love had not the right to walk out of me
      • angry; controlling
    • 'when I wake'
      • first thought in morning
    • 'touched by this same hour'
      • tries to find a connection
    • 'touches me'
      • his loss touches him; still affected by it
    • 'A year now'
      • not moved on; obsessive
    • 'So what? you say'
      • ex-wife doesn't care
    • 'I send out my spies'
      • possessive; obsessive
    • 'I imagine you'
      • obsessive; not over her
    • 'warm and inviting as when they knew you first'
      • she has been with them sexually too
    • 'firm'
      • sensuality
    • 'warm and inviting'
      • was a nice person
    • 'isolation from other seasons'
      • lonely season; lonely person


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