Somotype theory

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  • Somotype Theory- Sheldon
    • Body Types
      • Endomorph= Fat & Soft
      • Ectomorph= Thin & Fragile
      • Mesomorph= Muscular and hard
    • Personality Traits
      • Endomorph= Relaxed, loving, enjoying company of others
      • Ectomorph= Solitary, introverted & self conscious
      • Mesomorph- Criminal, aggressive, callous, mindless of others feelings
      • Sheldon suggested everyone has a combination of the 3 body types but those more mesomorphic tend to be criminals
    • Sheldon's Study
      • Criminals rated most highly as mesomorph
        • Criminals get more time to work out in prison
      • Sheldon saw full length pictures of participants and rated up to 7 of how much of each body type they were
        • - Sheldon rated himself and so could have created bias
    • Evaluation
      • Sutherland used legal criteria for delinquency and found no link between delinquency and mesomorphic body type
      • British National Survery finds those guilty of serious offences are more likely to have small body types


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