Somethings coming

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  • Something's coming
    • Rhythm & metre
      • Switches between 3/4 and 4/4
        • Represents uncertainty and Toni switching between his gang/culture and Maria's
      • Influenced by Jazz but lacks swung quavers
        • Cultural+ moral clash; retiring to the jets
      • Syncopation creates a sense of anticipation and uncertainty
    • Harmony
      • Use of the tritones throughout (augmented 4th)
        • Creates sense of conflict and uncertainty
      • Major key (D major) but frequent chromatisim
        • Uncertainty of key: common Jazz feature
      • Imperfect cadence gives a lack of finality or certainty
    • Melody
      • Often changes between extreme dynamics
        • Untitled
      • Disjunct melody with uncertain trends
        • Mixed emotions
        • Creates excitement
      • Vocals and accompanim-ment mirror and play in unison
    • Texture
      • Solo vocals give personal feeling
      • Mirroring of vocals and accompaniment
        • Unison but both syncopated; general unease
    • Instruments
      • Violins use vibrato to  word paint 'the air is humming'
        • Creates  excitement
      • Cellos play pizzicato to play sharp notes
        • Unease and excitement


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