problem of evil

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  • Some suggested solutions to the problem of evil.
    • God suffers with all of us
      • He empathises with us
        • It is comforting to know that God understands, it means people feel closer to God
      • Some suffering is so bad that the idea God will be with us is nto much help.
    • Free Will
      • Evil and suffering happen because people choose to do bad things
        • Their are some things that are totally out of our control e.g. death, disease, genetic disability,unprovoked attack (e.g. school massacres)
        • Does this help to explain natural evil and suffering?
          • Some say yes because humans choose to do things that makes nature hurt people e.g. -The near volcanoes or hurricanes or create squalid living conditions in cities which cause disease.
      • This explains human made evil and suffering
    • The afterlife
      • justice
        • Those who act evil are punished
      • If bad things happen you in this life you will be compensated in the next life.
        • So evil and suffering are justified/ don't really matter in this life.
          • Some Christian teachings indicate that suffering helps you get into the afterlife
    • Test
      • When bad things happenGod is testing our faith. e.g. Job.
        • If we view our own misfortune/pain as a test, and we get through it  we will be rewarded by God
    • Punishment
      • Many of the victimsof the 2004 tsunami believe it was a punishment of God.
        • Innocent childrendied
          • Why do many evil people live contented lives?
        • Does it make sense to see evil/suffering as a punishment?
          • Jesus' suffering on the cross brought forgiveness for sin
            • Their can be a greater purpose t evil & suffering.
              • E.g. The plagues  sent by the egyptians freed the slaves
              • The holocaust
          • Does a good loving God kill the innocent?


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