'Something's Coming' - Bernstein

A mindmap on Something's Coming - Bernstein from West Side Story. It contains details on the Rhythmic Devices, Texture, Tonality, Timings and Instrumentation as well as wordsetting.

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  • 'Something's Coming' - Bernstein
    • Instrumentation:
      • Drum Kit
      • Double Bass
      • Strings
      • Woodwind
      • Brass
      • Voice
        • Alto, Tenor, Soprano and Bass
        • The key musical features used are tritones, syncopated rhythms, and long sustained notes in the melody at times.
      • Vibraphone
    • Structure:
      • The Structure goes - Intro, A, B, B1, A1 and Outro.
      • The piece is in ternary form with an introduction and an outro
    • Texture
      • Delicate polyphonic textures are created by this.
        • The texture layers independent parts together.
      • The texture layers independent parts together.
      • Cross rhythms are used.
    • Rhythm/Metre
      • Cross Rhythm
      • Triplets
      • Swung Rhythm
      • Ostinato
      • Timings: 3/4 and 2/4
      • Syncopation
        • There is use of syncopation in the vocal line accompanied by off beats in the drum line while the bass remains on the beat throughout sections B and B1.
    • Tonality
      • Tritones are: G# to D and then C to F#
      • D Major - C Major Keys
      • Tritones are used in the piece.
      • Blues Notes are used.
    • Word Setting
      • Word setting is used.
      • Word setting is where the accompniment support the vocals
    • Tempo
      • Molto Allego - Quite Fast
  • Ostinato


Samuel Richardson

This is a really geat, simple mindmap for some key information on 'Something's Coming'. It's simplicity makes it a good resource for learning some key terms for important features of the music. Combine this resource with a more detailed set of notes for more explanantion of these key terms and you will be laughing!


beautiful.... just beautiful 





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