Solutions to the Problem of Crime and Deviance.

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  • Solutions to the Problem of Crime and Deviance.
    • Lea and Young.
      • Reduce Relative Deprivation.
      • Reduce Marginalisation.
      • Reduce negative subcultures, by creating activities for youth.
    • Etzioni.
      • Communitarianism.
    • Wilson.
      • Broken Windows.
        • Minor Incivilities.
          • Zero Tolerance.
    • Clarke.
      • Opportunity Theory.
        • Making the advantages of crime less than the disadvantages.
    • Miliband.
      • The judiciary is the same class as the white collar crime offenders. Meaning they are more likely to side with upper class criminals.
        • Laws should be applied to all, regardless of class position.
    • Chambliss.
      • Saints.
        • Middle Class.
        • Same level of crime was committed.
          • Rough Necks.
            • Working Class.
          • The working class Rough Necks received more punishment than the middle class Saints.
      • Rough Necks.
        • Working Class.
    • Hall.
      • Scapegoating.
      • Moral Panic.
      • Black mugging.
      • Upper class should stop scapegoating ethnic minorities.
        • Less Self Fulfilling Prophecy would occur.
    • Feurdi.
      • Moral Panics occur due to the societies failure to adapt to social change.
        • Society should be more diverse, and open to the different cultures of others.


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