Possible solutions to energy wastage in the UK on a domestic scale

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  • Solutions to energy wastage in the UK on a domestic scale
    • Hot water tank jacket to stop heat escaping
    • Fireplace to heat the house instead of central heating
    • Solar panels on the roof to convert sunlight into energy
    • Energy saving lightbulbs
    • Thermostat to control heating
    • Solar powered lights outdoors to save electricity
    • Leaking pipes could waste water/gas
    • Electric cars to reduce CO2 emissions
    • Washing dishes by hand saves water
    • Sharing lifts to work/school reduces CO2 emissions
    • Motion activated lights to save electricity
    • Draught excluders to keep heat in
    • Double/triple glazed windows save heating
    • Showers instead of baths
    • Roof insulation instead of air con/heating


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