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  • Soliloquy of a Spanish Cloister
    • Layout
      • Monolgou, heer is is tlaking to himself, we are the fly on the wall, irony- no peace he is constantly talking
        • Disjuncture between title and poem, 'soliloquy suggests inner rumination, not grotesque humorous atmosphere
      • Very different from big long column of get, still quite regular
      • 'Gr-r-r- there go , my heart's abhorrence!'
        • onimpatepic-present at the end shows level of hatred as keeps up throughout whole poem
      • '-Swine's Snout?' syballence, shocking, animal, dirty, hated, emphasised
      • 'Gr-r-r- you swine!' ends with repetition of things that have already been said, he has run out of words, frustrated
    • Rhythm
      • Alternating rhyme quite regular, common in Browning poems
        • Strong/weak/strong/weak /v/v/v, trochaic metre, tetrametre, 1st line 2nd lind and 4th slightly broken foot, last strong so  broken foot not there, sense of urgent rant
    • Imagery
      • sexual, religious, purity, or illusions of purity
        • 'Blue-black, lustrous, thick ilk horsehair's', long hair melding with water , saying Brother LAwrence is a leech but he is, hypocritical, links to MLD, Bishops
        • 'Or, my scrofulous FRench novel', horrible pornographic novel, sexual temptation
          • 'We;re so proud of! HY, Zy, Hine...' complete blasphemy, he seems dazed, crazed, he is turning his back on Christianity
          • 'scrofulous means morally corrupt so he admits that?
    • Context
      • A monk in aSpanish monastry, unspecified historical time. People were supposed to go to monasteries to learn to love God and each other
        • Daniel Karlin 1993:74-5  said, 'using the technique of dram.mon. as as means of ironically revealing the speaker's warped passion and predujice
    • Character
      • He uses un-Monk list language, 'Water your damned flower-pots, do!' blasphemous -shcoking, links to Bishops., and shockingness of Apparent Failure
      • Fiery, 'Needs its leaden vase illed brimming? Hell dry you up with its flames!' Childish, contrasting.
        • Robert LAwrence is calm, monkish, 'Oh, that rose has prior claims-' we know he isn't most annoying an- links to MLD
      • 'Saint, forsooth! While brown Dolores Squats outside the Convent bank'
        • perverted links to Bishops. Dolores and Sanchicha are probably young peasant teens, he is in his 60s probably as he is a monk, worrying, although he may be praised for his wild imagination and  spirit compared to 'boring' Brother LAwrence he is using his 'wild eye' for bad purposes
          • could say he has an 'artist like vision', , he is witty?
      • 'Knife and fork he never lays'
        • He is nit-picking, obsessed with the small things, outwardly look good, inwardly deceptive, menacing
          • 'simply glance at it, you grovel', this so badly of Brother Lawrence or is trying to make him seem bad when he is so deluded that he can;t see that is what he was doing in stanza4 with Dolores, (this is stanza8)
            • hypocritical like PL, MLD, Bishops.
        • he is selfish menacing, hateful, other monks like Brother LAwrence, 'We're tp have a feast! so nice!
          • 'All of us get each a slice' this greediness is linked to the temptation of the Devil, he wants more of the 'melons'
          • 'hatred defeats its own object', -Stefan Hawlin said. petty, malice, jealous
      • He tries to diminsh Brother LAwrence by his use of religion, using the Deuteronomy, similar to the way Duke in MLD, uses his 'nine-hundered years-old name' to try and assert power, he feels he is more powerful
    • 'Can't I see his dead eye glow'
      • his assumption is that men go around in lustful way, projecting this showing how he is real like this, is this quote a satire on him self, ironic
    • '-And I too, at such trouble Keep them close-nipped on the sly!'
      • childish, cares so much , goes to a lot of trouble to ruin his garden
    • 'There's a great text in Galatians/Twenty-nine distinct damanations'
      • rhyme, spitful, concerned about Lawrence being damned not thinkinking he might be damned by his behaviour as a monk, he is blinded by his hatred
      • Bibliclalll reference, Deuteronomy 28:15-444, "-Cursed is every one that continuity not in all things which are written in the book of low to do them"
        • Passage in Deuteronomy porceeds to list 29 torments, the speaker hopes to prove LAwrence a heteric
        • links to LL and LARuins, using God to judge


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