Solids, Liquids and gases

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  • Solids, Liquids + Gases
    • Solid
      • Cannot be compressed
      • Fixed vol. and shape
      • Regular arrangement-layers
      • Particles vibrate around a fixed point
      • Particles are closely compact
    • Liquid
      • Closely compact- still move
      • No fixed shape- takes shape of container
      • Fixed volume
      • Particles can slide over one another
    • Gas
      • Particles are spread out
      • No fixed shape or vol.
      • No regular arrangement
      • Random movement
      • Spreads out to fill space
    • Changing state
      • Solid to liquid =melting
        • Liquid to gas =evaporation
          • Gas to liquid= condensation
            • Liquid to solid =freezing
      • Solid to gas= sublime
      • Heat- more energy vibrate more
        • Cool- less energy, vibrate less


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