Unit 3: Solid Wastes

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  • Solid Wastes
    • Sources
      • Mining and construction
      • Domestic and commercial wastes
      • Ash from power stations
      • Agriculture
    • Properties to Consider During Disposal
      • Degradability - if it does and how long it takes
      • Toxicity
      • Conditions for degradation e.g. pH, O2, temperature
      • Flammability
      • Radioactivity
    • Factors Affecting Waste Disposal
      • Population density (transport costs)
      • Per capita waste production
      • Levels of industry e.g. primary, tertiary
      • Land availability
      • Recycling technology availability
      • Levels of environmental awareness
      • Legislation
    • Factors Affecting Waste Poroduction
      • Affluence - rich buy more goods and trivia and reuse less
      • Items intended to have short lifespans
      • Fashions dictate clothing waste
      • Some items are disposable
      • Some items have unnecessary packaging


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