Solid Waste Treatment

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  • Solid Waste Treatment
    • Landfill and Land Raising
      • Landfill; buries solid wastes in exhausted quarries
      • Land Raising; Deposits wastes on derelict land
      • Covered with clay and plastic to prevent leachate release. Methane collected
      • Costs; Purchase of land,construction costs, maintenance, tax
      • Environmental Effects
        • Advantages: If properly maintained, prevents pollution, derelict land put to use, prevents more buildings on old sites
        • Disadvantages: Pollution risk, loss of aesthetic value, land use conflicts, burial of waste doesn't deal with problem
      • EU Landfill Directive
        • Reduce use of landfill
    • Incineration and Pyrolysis
      • Incineration: Mass burning of wastes to produce energy
      • Pyrolysis: High temps used to ' burn' wastes without oxygen to produce gases and char
      • Economic Effects
        • Advantages: Reduced landfill waste, energy can be made, other usable products can be used when landfill is unavailable, cheaper than landfill
        • Disadvantages: Somematerials needsorting, sufficient waste is needed to keep plant open so may have to import waste, expensive in terms of land and labour
      • Environmental Effects:
        • Advantages: Waste is treated, less land needed than landfill, reduces waste volume
        • Disadvantages: Toxic fly ash contains heavy metals, releases polluting gases and particulates, loss of aesthetic value
    • Encapsulation/Vitrification
      • Treats radioactive waste
        • Waste mixed and heated with sand to form a glass-like material where waste is bound to waste matrix
          • Glass stored in steel cylinders and stored above or below ground
      • Economic Effects
        • Advantages: No further treatment and waste is stored in a stable form
        • Disadvantages: Expensive, land needed for storage, continuous monitoring needed
      • Environmental Effects
        • Radioactive material less likely to leak
        • Potential for leaks if process isn't carried out correctly or if vitrified material degrades
    • Salvaging And Recyling
      • Advantages: Reduce resource exhaustion and decrease volume of waste produced
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