Solicitors - Work and Organisation

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  • Solicitors - Work and Organisation
    • Law Society
      • professional body for solicitors
    • Solicitors Regulation Authority
      • responsible for providing education, training, and qualification requirements
      • investigates  allegations of professional misconduct
    • Work
      • writing letters on behalf of clients
      • drafting documents
        • contracts
        • wills
        • other legal documents
      • Criminal matters
        • representing in court
      • dealing with conveyancing
      • Specialism
        • specialize in one specific field
        • large firms have even greater
    • Rights of Advocacy
      • all solicitors have rights of advocacy in magistrates and county court
        • rights in higher court very limited
      • Solicitors Higher Rights of Audience Regulations 2010
        • solicitors can apply for higher court qualifications
          • to allow rights of audience in ALL courts
    • Legal Services Act  2007
      • ABS - used for consumers to have a wider choice of legal services
        • can be owned by non-lawyers e.g. Tesco
      • LDP's - allow firms to have 25% non-lawyers e.g Solicitors, Barristers and Accountants working together
    • Organisation
      • around 10,000 firms in England + Wales
      • more than 115,000 in England + Wales
        • 85.000 employed in private practise
      • some employed in other organisations e.g. CPS
      • usually work in partnerships as partners or associates


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