Solicitors' role

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  • Solicitors
    • Negotiate
      • Advantages
        • Not as many bad feelings between the two parties
        • Cheaper because don't have to go to court
        • More remedies than court
      • Disadvantages
        • A decision isn't always made
        • If in more vulnerable position, may be forced to  decision they don't want
    • Instruct barristers
    • Prepare paperwork for court
    • Write letters
    • Give advice through interviews, letters, phone calls.
      • Advantages
        • Best source of legal advice
        • Professionals
      • Disadvantages
        • Costs a lot (from £150 an hour)
        • If using public funding, solicitor must have a contract with Legal Services Commission
    • Gather evidence and witnesses.
    • Enter contractual relationship with client so can be sued or sue for non-payment


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