Energy from the sun

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  • Energy from the sun
    • Photocells
      • DC
      • Advantages
        • Little Maintenance
        • No cables
        • Do not need to connect to the National Grid
        • No fuel is needed
        • Long life
      • Disadvantages
        • They do not work at night or in bad weather
        • Expensive
      • How they work
        • P-type and S-type Silicon
        • Negatively charged electrons are knocked loose when light energy is absorbed
          • The electrons flow freely, creating an electrical current
    • Solar Heating
      • Passive Solar Heating
        • Light passes through glass windows and is absorbed by different surfaces
          • The heated surface emits infrared radiation
            • The wavelength is longer so can't pass through the glass again
              • The glass reflects the radiation, warming up the room
    • Solar Collectors
      • Use mirrors to focus the suns rays onto a small area
      • Water from a tank runs through small pipes on the roof to be heated by the concentrated light
      • The heated water goes back to the tank where it should stay warm


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