Solutions to the Land Issue

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  • Solutions to the Land Issue
    • Take land of landlords altogether and give it to the "rightful owners"- the Irish peasants
      • Thought of by James Lalor
        • Influenced people like Michael Davitt, James Connolly and Arthur Griffith
        • Wrote for Nationalist newspapers "The Nation" and "The Irish Felon"
      • Too extreme for some people
    • The 3Fs
      • Free Sale
        • Tenants could sell the "interest" in a holding to the next tenant. This meant they could get money for improvements they made
          • Would provide an incentive to improve farm
      • Fair Rent
        • Low rent fixed by a tribunal, rather than landlords
      • Fixity of Tenure
        • Tenant was guaranteed tenure of land over a period of time
      • 1850-Irish Tenant League formed by Charles Duffy
        • 1852- This had become the Independent Irish Party and had brought about the idea of the 3Fs
    • Agrarian Violence
      • Annoyed tenants occasionally rioted and committed violence against landlords


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