Software Development

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  • Software Development
    • Waterfall model
      • This is the  process of designing software in which the progress flows steadily through the phases
      • Despite the creation of new software development models this one is still the most often used as it solves a problem as soon as it is found and it doesn't need to finish the design first
    • Spiral model
      • It has four main phases which are to determine objectives, to identify and resolve risks, to develop and test and lastly to plan the next iteration
      • This model however goes through each phase more than once until all the software is complete and error free, also it is a risk driven process model
    • Methodologies
      • This is when several methods of solving a problem or creating something are joined together
    • Agile model
      • This model focuses on costumer satisfaction and it is a combination of iterative and incremental process models
      • This model breaks the product into smaller incremental parts that are provided in iterations
    • Rapid Application Development
      • This way of designing software puts more importance on the testing than it does on the planning
      • Also it is usually better as the users are able to interact with the prototype and it focuses early on the risk factors making them more approachable
    • Extreme Programming
      • This methodology has the aim to improve software quality and respond to users feedback


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