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  • Software
    • Functions of the OS:
      • User interface
        • GUI
          • WIMP: Windows, Icons, Menus, Pointer
        • CLI
        • Menus
      • Memory management
        • The OS checks the RAM to ensure that there is enough room for the programs to run + controls what is in RAM at anyone time
      • Peripheral management
        • Allows peripherals to communicate by carrying messages from 1 peripheral to another
      • Multi-tasking
        • Allows multiple applications to run at the same time
      • Security
        • Username
        • Passwords
        • User access levels
    • System maintenace
      • System information
        • Task manager, information about the current usage of the computer and the temperature of the CPU
      • Diagnosis
        • If there is a problem with a driver it troubleshoots to try and find a solution
    • Application software
      • Off-the-shelf/ Proprietary:
        • Advantages: cheaper than Bespoke software, there is 24/7 support avaliable, it will work on any device
        • Disadvantage: there are unused functions, as the source code isn't usually available you cannot modify the program to personally suit you
      • Custom written:
        • Advantages: all of the functions will be used,  there may not be a piece of software currently available that does the function you require
        • Disadvantage: expensive as you need qualified programmers, Garbage In Garbage Out, takes a long time to develop
      • Open Source:
        • Advantages: lots of programmers can work together to develop it (fast rate of dev),  anyone can freely use it
        • Disadvantage: Hackers can make backdoors, lots of bugs, little support, may not be compatible with all devices


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