Soft engineering strategies (along rivers)

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  • Soft engineering strategies
    • Flood warnings
      • Environment agency warns people about possible flooding through TV, radio, newspapers and internet
      • Advantages
        • impact of flooding reduced- warnings give people time to put things upstairs, sandbags, evacuate
      • Disadvantages
        • warnings don't stop a flood from happening
        • living in a place with lots of warnings could make it difficult to get insurance
        • people may not have access to warnings
    • Preparation
      • buildings modified to reduce amount of damage from flood. people make plans for what to do in a flood
      • Advantages
        • impact of flooding reduced- buildings less damages and people know what to do when flood occurs
        • people less likely to worry if prepared
      • Disadvantages
        • preparation doesn't guarantee safety from flood
        • could give people false sense of security
        • expensive to modify homes and businesses
    • Flood plain zoning
      • restrictions prevent building on parts of flood plain likely to be affected
      • Advantages
        • risk of flooding reduced- impermeable surfaces not created e.g buildings and roads
        • impact of flooding reduced
      • Disadvantages
        • expansion of urban area is limited
        • no use in areas that have already been built on
    • Do nothing
      • Advantages
      • Disadvantages
        • risk and impacts of flooding aren't reduced causing a lot of damage


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