Soft engineering strategies

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  • Soft engineering strategies
    • a sustainable approach to managing the coats without using artificial structures
    • Beach nourishment
      • the addition of sand/shingle to a beach to make it higher
      • sediment is bought locally so it blends with existing beach material
      • Disadvantages
        • needs constant maintenance
      • Advantages
        • fairly cheap and easy to maintain
        • increases tourist potential by creating a bigger beach
    • Dune regeneration
      • sand dunes are effective but easily damaged and destroyed by trampling
      • marram grass can be planted to stabilise dunes and help them develope
      • Advantages
        • fairly cheap
        • maintains a natural environment for wildlife and people
      • Disadvantages
        • time consuming to plant the marram grass
        • can be damaged by storms
    • March creation
      • involves allowing low-lying coastal areas to become flooded by the sea becoming salt marshes
      • salt marshes are effective barriers to the sea
      • Advantages
        • cheap option compared with maintaining expensive sea defences
        • creates a habitat for wildlife
      • Disadvantages
        • farmers/landowners need to be compensated
        • land lost as it is flooded by the sea
    • Flood warnings
      • Environment agency warms people about flooding through TV, radio, newspapers and the internet
      • Advantages
        • impact of flooding is reduced- warning give people time to prepare
      • Disadvantages
        • warning don't stop a flood from happening
        • people may not hear or have acess to warnings


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