sociology research methods (explinations)

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  • sociology research mathods
    • semi-structured interviews
      • the research has a few questions to stick to but they can go off topic
    • participant observation
      • data is recovered by interacting with the people being researched
    • group interviews
      • there are numerous researcher and particioants in one interview
    • questionairs
      • open ended questions = participant can answer any way they like
      • closed ended questions = participant has to choose from a range of answers
    • structures interviews
      • there are set questions which the interviewer has to stick to and must remane on topic
    • non-participant observation
      • data is recovered without interacting with the participants
    • unstructured interviews
      • the researcher does not have a list of questions to choose from
      • the researcher and participants can go off topic
    • longitudinal study
      • this is data recieved over a long period of time


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