Sociology Paper 2 Family

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  • Family
    • Norms
      • The rules within a culture
    • Identity
      • How we see ourselves and how others see us
    • Values
      • Ideas about what is worthwhile and important in a culture
    • Culture
      • The way of life of a group of people; it ids learned  and shared
    • Socialisation
      • The process of learning the correct behaviour, norms and values in a society; this can be either primary or secondary
    • Family
      • Consists of people we are related to by ties of blood, marriage, adoption, civil partnership or cohabitation
    • Households
      • One person living alone or a group of people who have the same address and share either one meal a day or their living accommodation
    • Marriage
      • A legally recognised tie between a husband and wife
    • Nuclear Family
      • A 2-generation family, consisting of parents and their dependent children
    • Extended Family
      • Any family larger than a nuclear family. There is different types
    • Divorce
      • The legal termination of marriage, leaving the couple free to remarry
    • Serial Monogamy
      • A person has more than one marriage partner in their lifetime. The main reason for increased serial monogamy is increased divorce rate
    • Cohabitation
      • Living together as partners without being married
    • Reconstituted Family
      • A family in which one or both partners have been married or cohabited before, and has a child/children, creating step relationships
    • Lone Parent Families
      • A mother or father living without a partner, and their dependent chid(ren)
    • Beanpole Families
      • A tall, narrow extended family often containing 4 (or 5) generations
    • Conjugal Roles
      • The roles of husbands and wives or couples who are living together as partners
    • Symmetrical Families
      • A family in which conjugal roles are similar but not identical
    • Housewives / Housewives
      • An unpaid role which makes them financially dependent of their partner, main responsibility for domestic tasks and childcare
    • Domestic Violence
    • Child Abuse
      • Harm caused to a child or young person under 18 by an adult
    • Dark Side of the Family
      • A situation in which family life damages its members
  • The roles of husbands and wives or couples who are living together as partners
  • Threatening behaviour, violence or abuse committed by a family member against another
    • Domestic Violence


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