Theory: Science

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  • Sociology and Science
    • Popper: science can be falsified 'all knowledge is provisional.' Open society. Much sociology is unscientific because it cannot be proved. For example Marxism is correct if there is a revolution or there isn't because of false consciousness.
  • Society is an objective factual reality Durkhiem: real laws are discoverable.
  • Weber: Verstehen Glasser and Strauss: Grounded Theory       EM and P: society only exists in people's minds
  • Douglas: free-will and choice Atkinson: statistics are socially constructed
  • Watkins: Whilst Popper believes falsification is unique of science, Kuhn believes puzzle solving within a paradigm makes science special.
  • Planck: new theories triumph because opponents eventually die. Kuhn: scientists conform to the ideas of the paradigm. PM: The paradigm is a meta-narrative claiming truth.
  • Theory
  • Realism
    • Realists argue sociologists study open systems. Keat and Urray: science assumes the existence of unobservable structures. Realists regard Marxism as scientific since it believes capitalism produces poverty. Science deals with underlying structural causes which are unobservable.


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