sociology can be value free

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  • sociology, objectivity and subjectivity. the value freedom debate.
    • why is it a debate?
      • sociologists disagree about where sociology should be value free. value freedom is the idea that all bias are removed.
    • positivists. can be objective! value laden!!
      • sociology should be observable phenomena. quantitative research methods can be used to obtain data about society. e.g. achievement levels in education.
    • Weber - value laden.
    • values in the research process.
      • positivists and Weber propose value neutrality in methods used. hard to maintain objectivity. so sociological research is subjective.
    • value freedom- interpretivists -
      • people are social actors and have subjective motivations.
        • people make sense of the world through meanings.
      • becker - impossible to carry out research that is uncontaminated by personal and political views. we can never avoid taking sides due to analyzing behavior from actor viewpoint
    • values in theory : political alignment
      • feminists committed to gender equality . they carry out critical research that aims to bring about social change.
    • social constructionist and subjectivity
      • lyotard -postmodern condition is characterised  by "incredulity towards meta narratives"  there are no universal truths.
    • conclusions
      • Gomm (2004) -sociology cannot avoid values as society among other things. gouldner (1962) " myth of a value free sociology"   Kuhn (1970) paradigm. A feminist takes a feminist standpoint and use unstructured interviews


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