Sociology & Social Policy

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  • Sociology & Social Policy
    • Influence on social policy
      • Electoral popularity - findings might point to policy unpopular with voters
        • Those in power define what is(n't) a problem
          • Become part of mainstream culture e.g. Bowlby maternal deprivation
      • PGs seek to further own interests through gov policy
      • insufficent funds to implementat policy
      • Research institutions can have political bias so politicians likely use ones that provide research they want
    • Sociological problems = any piece of behaviour we wish to make sense of
    • Perspectives
      • Positivism/functionalism
        • State implemenates policies good for all = run smoothly
          • Favour policies that tackle one specific issue at a time
            • ignores wider structural problems e.g. unequal distribution of wealth
          • Sociologists role is to investigate social problems scientifically. 
        • Marxism
          • Serves capitalism not whole of society e.g. ideological legitimation + nhs keeps workers fit
            • Impractical + unrealistic
          • Policies can benefit w/c but are limited and reversible
          • Socios should reveal exploitation in policies
      • Social democratic
        • Favours a major redistribution of wealth and income from the rich to the poor
        • Townsend - sociologists should be involved in researching social problems and making policy recommendations to eradicate them
        • research on poverty has led him to make recommendations for policies such as fairer, higher benefit levels.
      • Feminism
        • Patriarchal + women's subordination through policies
        • Fam policies center around nuclear fam = financially independent on man
          • Lib fems had impact on policies
            • Education polices in learning materials
      • New Right
        • State shouldn't interfer
          • Murray: Generous welfare benefits 4 LPF act as perverse incentive encouraging dependency culture
          • Propose polices promoting individual responsibility + choice
  • Polices
    • NHS
    • Child support Agency
      • Marxist like it because men has to work more so generates profit for capitalism but Fems like/don't like it
    • Abortion Legalisation
      • Feminists like it but say we need abortion on demand bc need 2 doctors signatures.


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