Sociology and social policies

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  • Sociology and Social policies
    • Sociology
      • An academic study that aims to explore the way in which society operates and how it influences our lives
      • It looks at social problems (i.e high crime rates) but also looks to explain society even when it isn't problematic
        • I.e why do some people turn to religion
    • Social Policies
      • They focus on how to respond to social problems like high crime, inequality
      • Some believe that sociology can inform and influence government social policies
        • This is an ares of applied sociology that has grown
      • They are implemented by government, charities or other organisations
    • Giddens
      • he identified 4 practical purposed to studying sociology
        • An understanding of the world
        • awareness of the needs of individual groups
        • An assessment of 'what works' evidence based policy
        • Increased personal knowledge of ourselves and others
      • Sociology gives us an understanding of individuals and ourselves in the world which we use as evidence to create social policies
      • Criticisms
        • Whilst there are many strengthens with the subject that can help tackle social problems....
        • There are many criticisms of the relationship between sociology and social policies
    • Davis
      • Governments are selective with which pieces of sociological research they choose to acknowledge
        • They only choose to select their own political agenda
          • They pick the sociological research they need to support their point
        • although sociology can solve social problems and  suggest solutions, they are only selected if they fit the governments agenda
          • which many marxist believe is to maintain capitalism and the ruling class
      • EXAMPLE
        • The governments co-ordinated Prostitution strategy in 20106 was selective in it use of research. It ignored...
          • evidence from Sweden which undermined its own strategy
          • Effectiveness of other approaches show in other countries
          • Research showed clients to be fairly typical and not violent/ abusive as assumed in their strategy
          • Used research that supported its own strategy


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