Criticisms of Sociology using Science to study society

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  • Criticisms of Sociology using Science to study society
    • Post-Structuralist Feminist
      • Uses quantitative methods that are oppressive & covertly excludes other women's experiences
      • Feminism is a form of domination because it imposes one view
    • Postmodernism
      • Against scientific methods
        • Science is a meta-narrative (it claims the monopoly of truth)
        • Scientific approach & quantitative methods are dangerous because it excludes different truths
        • It's a form of domination i.e. it imposes one view
    • Writers
      • Science is an undesirable method for Sociology to follow
        • It has created a 'risk society' (dangers) e.g. nuclear weapons & global warming
          • Undermines the idea that science brings benefits to humankind


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